The Workout

More than just a workout, Limbus™ is a movement. It’s a method. It’s a way of living.

And it promises to revolutionize the group fitness culture.


You know that really cool feeling you get during a great workout when the music is just right, the instructor is connected, and the workout challenges the right mix of intensity and introspection? Limbus™ doesn’t hope for that feeling. We create that feeling. On purpose. Every time.

Limbus™ is a 50-minute physical and emotional workout that challenges, moves and shapes both body and brain. The workout blends purposeful high-intensity and meditative movement with emotional cues to guide each tribe member through phases of CONNECTION, CHALLENGE, PLAY and GROWTH.

Limbus™ empowers each tribe member to lean into discomfort and experience growth as a result. The workout is challenging but modifiable. You will sweat. You will get real with yourself. You will shed emotional blocks.

It’s soulful. It’s raw. It’s real. Come connect with us.


Connect with us this fall!


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