What is Limbus™?

You know that really cool feeling you get during a workout? The feeling when the music motivates, the movement blends, you feel powerful despite the difficulty, you feel connected to yourself and to the others in the room, and the instructor is hitting every cue? You’re tuned in. You’re there.

We studied that.

And we create that.

On Purpose.

Every time.

The Workout is based on the Limbus™ Method (a proprietary process developed by experts in mental and physical health) constructed on the pillars of CONNECTION, CHALLENGE, PLAY and GROWTH.  Participants will be guided through a physically challenging workout that intentionally integrates mental and emotional fitness.  The Workout blends the physical, mental and emotional experience leaving participants feeling stronger and healthier in more ways than one.   The Workout combines a mix of powerful and expressive meditative movements that will tax the physical body, with emotional cues intentioned to guide each tribe member to experience connecting to themselves, challenging their self-limiting belief, being playful, and moving towards growth.  With meditative repetitive movements, we can tune in to what’s going on in the now, as opposed to concentrating on what comes next.

You will sweat. You will be sore the next day. You may cry. You may feel joy. Whatever happens, it’s ok…we’ve got you.

The workout can be done barefoot or with grip socks on a non-slip mat. Depending on the location of the workout, the workout could also be done in indoor sneakers (please ask each location). Click below for more on what to expect.