What is Limbus™?

Limbus™ is a Mental Fitness program developed to change the way we interact with our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. We work our physically bodies to keep them fit, and Limbus™ takes this a step further by exercising our minds. Limbus™ has combined mental fitness and physical fitness into one Workout that will bring you through a mental and emotional journey leaving you stronger and healthier in more ways than one.

The Workout

Limbus™ is a 50-minute physical and emotional workout that challenges, moves and shapes both body and brain. The Workout integrates purposeful, high-intensity, and meditative movements with emotional cues to guide each tribe member through phases of CONNECTION, CHALLENGE, PLAY and GROWTH. With meditative repetitive movements, we can tune in to what’s going on in the now, as opposed to concentrating on what comes next.

New to Limbus?

Limbus™ is NEW and there is nothing out there like it so you may not know what to expect, we made a video so that you can see SOME of the dynamic movements you can expect to see in our Workout. Limbus™ is high-intensity and high impact but explores various movement progressions allowing for Tribe members of all fitness levels to benefit.

Where to find a Workout!

Winter Schedule 2019

Wednesday’s at 7:30 pm @ DJD - We are continuing our stint with Decidedly Jazz Dance Centre- Register

Thursday’s at 6:45pm @ Barre Belle Mission - Register

Saturday’s at 11:45 @ Barre Belle Parkdale - Register