Live on Purpose with the Limbus™ Method training

The Limbus™ Method training comprises of 2 full (8-hour) days of personal growth and self-discovery. All training is rooted in the guiding principles of Limbus™ Method; connection, challenge, play and growth. The Limbus™ Method is a proprietary process developed by the founders of Limbus who are experts in Mental and Physical Health.  The Method is the methodology behind the Limbus Workout, but it is NOT a workout itself. The Method is a foundational process that can be used in any area of group fitness and health.  It is based on the pillars of Connection, Challenge, Play and Growth. It is a process that guides participants towards self-discovery and personal growth. It is specifically designed to enhance the participants’ capacity to engage in life in a purposeful way.  The slogan? Live On Purpose.


Limbus™ Method Teacher Training is ideally suited for people who:

  • want to teach the Limbus Workout as a Limbus Tribe Leader - Method training is a prerequisite to Limbus™ Workout training;


  • are currently working as a fitness instructor and want to up their game by;

    • enhancing their knowledge of the Mind-Body Connection (biomedical model used), mental fitness, mental health, and peak performance; 

    • increasing their personal self-awareness and engaging in personal growth, enhancing their capacity to connect with and lead their clients to peak performance.  



$800 CAD (one-time)

During the training you will:

  • learn basic neurophysiology;

  • learn the basics of human behaviour (biomedical model);

  • discover unconscious patterns of thinking;

  • tune into your inner conversations;

  • connect to your physical body and listen to the feedback that it is providing;

  • discover your self-limiting beliefs, where those beliefs come from, and how they are maintained;

  • discover your most common defence mechanisms;

  • practice vulnerability;

  • step into your authentic power;

  • be guided through components of a Limbus Workout as an example of how the process integrates into a workout;

  • receive written materials for reference and reflection; 

  • discover your authentic values;

  • learn to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your life.