Limbus™ Workout Teacher training

The Limbus™ Workout Teacher Training is currently being offered in-person as a 2-day (8-hour/day) intensive course founded in the Limbus™ Method of Connection, Challenge, Play and Growth.  

Limbus™ Method Training Certification is Required for enrolment in this course. Learn more about Method Training .


Workout Teacher Training is ideally suited for people who:

  • Are psychologically minded with a curiosity towards self-improvement; 

  • Have a clear vocal quality, speak authentically, and have the ability to cue transitions (emotional and physical); 

  • Show attention to detail and are physically aware of their form and body alignment; 

  • Are energetic, charismatic, confident and have the ability to command a room; 

  • Attend to musicality in their daily lives and can keep rhythm and music count; 

  • Show the ability to identify, count and teach on the beat; 

  • Want to lead Limbus Workouts!

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$500 CAD (Limbus™ Method is a prerequisite)

 During the training you will:

  • explore the foundations of human kinetics, muscle function, and safety in physical range of motion;

  • learn the basics of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism and the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system;

  • learn to construct a Limbus Workout according to the pillars of Limbus (connection, challenge, play, growth);

  • learn to the basics of musicality and music selection, and how to pair signature Limbus movements with appropriate beats per minute;

  • learn phraseology, cueing and sequencing;

  • have the opportunity to guide others through movement sequences in a workout style setting;

  • be given feedback that will encourage you to step into your power as a fitness leader;

  • receive written materials for reference. 

What happens if I become trained?

If you choose to become a  Limbus™ Workout Teacher, with the licensing, you will receive monthly personal growth and discovery work so that you can continue to bring new content, insights and perspective into your workouts. Also included is access to private, instructors-only website (coming in April 2019) which will include access to Spotify playlists, new content, a workout database, sample playlists paired to workouts and access to our logos and marketing materials.

Training investment: One time investment of $500

Recurring $30/month for licensing and continued access to  Limbus™ Teacher Training resources (including playlists, sample workouts, personal growth work, access to online Teacher Portal April 2019).