The Founders


Dr. Marie Claire Bourque, MD, FRCPC, Founder/Tribe Leader

What is your spirit animal? Elephant

What is your musical inspiration? Any music with a solid soulful beat. I’m inspired to move when there is variation in volume, bass, amplitude and depth. I like when the music creates movement.

How do you grow? If an opportunity scares me, I say yes!

What do you love about new Tribe Members? I love when tribe members get vulnerable and truly start to feel into their bodies and into the movement and go from holding back to giving themselves the opportunity to truly show up.

What is your superpower? the desire and the capacity to understand and get curious about human behavior. I continuously reflect on my processes, my feelings and my behavior. I always ask for feedback and want as little of a blind spot as possible.

Dr. Darby Ewashina, MD - Founder/Tribe Leader

What is your spirit animal? Moose! Strong and powerful  yet there is a graceful element and quiet calmness that can exist when you’re in their presence. 

What is your musical inspiration? My music preference is eclectic. Music has the powerful ability to influence your mood, so being mindful of that really does dictate what I listen to. 

How do you grow? Having the courage to surround myself with people who believe. That's meant letting go of people, situations or certain behaviours that were holding me back. The discomfort of letting go, and of moving forward is where my growth happens.

What are you doing to improve yourself? I improve myself by taking time for reflection, whether it be through meditation, journalling or asking others for advice and guidance,