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March 16 & 17, 2019

The Limbus™ Method is a proprietary process developed by the founders of Limbus who are experts in Mental and Physical Health. The Method is the methodology behind the Limbus Workout, but it is NOT a workout itself. The Method is a foundational process that can be used in any area of group fitness and health. It is based on the pillars of Connection, Challenge, Play and Growth. It is a process that guides participants towards self-discovery and personal growth.

It is specifically designed to enhance the participants’ capacity to engage in life in a purposeful way. The slogan? Live On Purpose.


We are looking for people who;

  • are currently working as a fitness instructor and want to up their game by;

    • enhancing their knowledge of the Mind-Body Connection (biomedical model used), mental fitness, mental health, and peak performance;

    • increasing their personal self-awareness and engaging in personal growth, enhancing their capacity to connect with and lead their clients to peak performance;


    • want to teach the Limbus Workout as a Limbus Tribe Leader - Method training is a prerequisite to Limbus™ Workout training.

One Time Investment $800 CAD

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The Workout

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March 16-17 & 30-31, 2019

This training will prepare you to become a Limbus™ Workout Teacher.   

The Limbus™ Workout Teacher Training is currently being offered in-person as a 2-day Intensive.  The Limbus™ Method training is a pre-requisite to the Limbus™ Workout Teacher Training (can be taken a week before).  The Workout training comprises of 2 full (8-hour) days founded in the Limbus™ Method of Connection, Challenge, Play and Growth.  


We are looking for people who;

  • want to lead Limbus™ Workouts and;

    • are psychologically minded with a curiosity towards self-improvement; 

    • have a clear vocal quality, speak authentically, and have the ability to cue transitions (emotional and physical); 

    • show attention to detail and are physically aware of their form and body alignment; 

    • are energetic, charismatic, confident and have the ability to command a room; 

    • attend to musicality in their daily lives and can keep rhythm and music count.

Training Investment $500 CAD

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