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If your application is accepted, an email notification and invoice will be sent to you. Payment in full will be due one week following the receipt of your invoice or 1 week prior to the Training Start date - whichever is sooner). Failing to pay the full amount by this date will forfeit your reservation in the Limbus™ Training. There are limited seats available. Please Note: Completing the Limbus™ Workout Teacher Training does not guarantee certification as a Limbus™ Workout Teacher Trainer. All participants must complete, and pass, a formal adjudication process whereby a Limbus™ Workout is taught to a group of >10 community participants and formally adjudicated by a member of the founding team. Adjudication guidelines and requirements for certification will be dispersed at the end of the 2-day Limbus™ Workout Teacher Training. Please Note: In order to use Limbus™ material, teach the Limbus™ Workout, or call yourself a Limbus™ Teacher, you must license the Trademark from Limbus™ Inc. on a recurring annual or monthly basis. In addition to materials, you will receive monthly personal growth and discovery work so that you can continue to bring new content, insight and perspective into your workouts. Also included is access to private, instructors-only website (coming in April 2019) which will include access to Spotify playlists, new content, a workout database, sample playlists paired to workouts and access to our logos and marketing materials. Regular monthly pricing for Limbus™ Licensing is $30.00/month + applicable taxes. If you’re wondering what training is right for you, please read below. If you have more questions that are not addressed below, please visit our website at www.limbusmovement.com or contact info@limbusmovement.com.